Wall of War is a massive data visualization project by Dylan Halpern. Collaborators on the project include Lauren Thorson (faculty mentor), Tommy Petet (visualization programmer), and Matt Hill (App developer).

The original exhibition contained a 10'x85' printed visualization containing 463,461 entries from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wikileaks War Logs. The data has been translated into a series of 220 graphic icons, each representing an kind of event.

This site is color coded to the month of the events, and each icon can be hovered over or tapped (mobile) for a brief description of that event. Each row of data contains 5 pieces of information: Type (the general kind of event), Category (a more specific description), Region (where the event took place), Attack On (the target of the event), and casualties incurred by that event.

The arrows on the left automatically scroll the data, and the equals sign stops all scrolling. The links in the top navigation will allow you to view the data broken up into single months.

This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation.